Have You Got an iStock Coupon Code?

In the world today, everything increases its value. Water bills, electricity and mortgage are among them. Food and clothing are also included. Fortunately, shops offer holiday discounts and coupons upon checkout. The creative world also enjoys the same perks – thanks to Stock Photo Secrets. If you are a blogger, web designer or businessperson, you surely understand the importance of coupon codes. They can help a lot when you jump-start or create your creative projects.

Good news to new and existing iStock members!

We currently have our hands on exclusive iStock coupon codes 2016. These coupons do not only benefit new iStock customers, but existing ones as well. Are you excited to find out what we have in store for you? We are very happy to offer you amazing discounts on our credit packages and subscriptions. That’s right! Existing members can enjoy 15% off on all subscriptions while new customers can save 10% off iStock credit packages.

Usually, iStockphoto coupons last for a short period of time. Some only offer a maximum discount. But, what we offer you is money off of your yearly subscriptions. Here is how to redeem them:

  • Visit iStockphoto.com and choose a subscription or credit package you want to purchase.
  • Log on to your account. If you don’t have one yet, create a free account. It will only take a few minutes.
  • You will be asked to provide your billing and shipping information. Fill them to proceed further.
  • You will be asked to provide your personal details. Fill them, too.
  • You will find an iStock promo code box just above the VAT information. Enter your promo code.

The code will be applied on the payment page.

  • Provide your credit card details or PayPal account details to complete the purchase.
  • Congratulations! You just saved 10% or 15% on your purchase.

NOTE: We recommend buying 60 or more credits to get a better deal.

Low prices at iStock

iStock offers incredible stock at flexible pricing. You can pay per download with credits or subscribe and save with a plan. If you are a new customer, you will be happy to know that you can get 10% on your credit packages – which never expire. If you are an existing customer, get stock photos at the best rates and further your savings with 15% off your yearly subscriptions. Whether you are a blogger, web designer or businessperson, you will surely find the stock site favorable to your needs.

What are you waiting for? Explore millions of high quality royalty-free images at very low prices. The stock sites has diversified rates to suit your creative needs and budget. Get your iStock promo code 2019 now to get images at much discounted rates.

Visit the Highly Curated Library of iStock

Did you know that iStock is the first miscrostock agency? It was founded in April 2000, although the first attempt for launching was the year before. That means the agency has been in the industry for over 15 years. Acquired by Getty Images in 2014, the stock photo site has cemented its legacy in the creative world.

iStock’s online searchable library is under Royalty Free license and a micropayment requirement. Not long after, many companies emerge. But the stock site remained distinctive by offering an exclusive collection. Today, it offers a massive catalog with millions of photos, illustrations and vectors divided into two collections:

  • If you are looking for the best value for your tight budget, the Essentials collection is the perfect option for you. One image in the collections requires one credit, which can be purchased in packs starting at 3 credits for $33 – no matter the resolution. Videos are also available at 6 credits each.
  • The Signature collection contains the best photos and videos in the stock photo sites. You can’t find them anywhere else. So if you are aiming to create a design unique to your brand, this is certainly the collection to browse. Images cost 3 credits while video are available at 18 credits.

The Essentials subscription only gives you access industry standard stock photos in the Essentials collection. On the other hand, the Signature subscription allows you to access every image on iStock. That includes millions of images from the former collection – plus the handpicked images from the latter that you can only find in the stock site.

iStock has an image for your every creative need. If you want budget photos that you can use on professional designs, Essentials is the perfect collection for you. If you want more artistic imagery and are willing to spend a little more for them, Signature collection is where you will find first class imagery.

iStock Photo Review: Benefits and Drawbacks of the Stock Site

iStock is a stand-alone website that has been providing customers with high quality content for over a decade now. Although it is owned and managed by Getty Images, it started independently and has been established as one of the leading microstock agencies today. The stock site has over millions of assets in its library, covering various themes and styles of any project. You can browse through its high quality and highly searchable library with its keyword search engine and advanced search filters.


The main highlight of iStock is its exclusive content. It is one of the few stock media sites that offers videos and images you will not find in other stock media libraries. It also has a very convenient pricing system with very affordable assets. It boasts one of the most flexible licensing terms and the easiest-to-use clip search. Furthermore, it has the trust stamp of being owned and managed by the world’s leading stock media agency, Getty Images.

For the sake of this iStock photo review, here is a brief list of benefits of buying from the stock site:

  • iStock has wide variety content in its library. You literally have millions of clips to choose from. Whatever theme or style you need, you can get it here.
  • It has exclusive content. If you are looking for clips that you won’t find in other stock sites, especially your competitors, this is the stock site for you.
  • Multiple image resolutions are available at the same price. Do you need higher quality clips? No worries, you can get them at no higher cost.
  • The stock site has only two price points: affordable and simple pricing. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees.
  • It has flexible a la carte buying system, so you can have full control over discounts and your expenses.
  • It offers royalty-free license that allows you to use the stock footage in any project multiple times.
  • The stock media agency features a user-friendly search engine. There are curated categories in the library so you can explore stock videos with ease and convenience.
  • It offers various media assets, including footage, images, and audio.

istock-logo-2016No stock media agency is without drawbacks. Here is an iStock photo review on the cons of the site:

  • No subscriptions for videos. If you need to purchase stock footage, you need to buy them with an a la carte buying system.
  • Credits system make buying complicated. Instead of choosing the clips you need and entering a payment method, you need to choose a credit pack and pay for it, then use the pack to purchase footage.
  • Extended license is costly. If you have high visibility projects, purchasing an extended license for every additional right can be expensive.

To test this iStock photo review is legit, why don’t you check out the stock media site and try out its service?