Vector Art Free: Which Site to Get Them?

Where can you get vector art free minus the copyright risk? The Internet is certainly a vast place to search for free vectors. You may not know which ones won’t get you in trouble. But, we know one website that offer vectors completely free of charge. You don’t have to worry about copyright issues, too. We are talking about Amos Struck’s new creation – Vectorain.

Vectorain is a new one-stop shop for vector art free. It is backed by industry experts with over a decade of experience. Why should you get your vector graphics from Vectorain?

  • It has over 4,400 vectors in its library.
  • All files are of premium quality and are available in ZIP format.
  • They come with a standard license, so you can use them in any project forever.
  • They are hand-checked for quality, consistency and functionality.
  • They are available in EPS format, which is compatible with any vector editing application.

If you are looking for a good source of vectors, you should greatly consider Vectorain. It is a reliable website with premium quality vectors. All files are originally for sale on VectorFresh, a website for paid vectors. Vectorain and VectorFresh are both founded by stock photo and vector expert, Amos Struck, and are partners in providing high quality vector art free for the creative community.

How does this work?
Vectorain is an awesome resource of vector images that you can use and enjoy at absolutely no cost. All the website asks in return is for you to give credit or attribution for helping you with your creative projects. Preferably, provide a link to All files come with a standard license, allowing you to use the vectors any way you want for as long as you need – totally free. Check out the website now and enjoy its benefits!